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On March 22nd of this year I decided to head out on an overnight fishing trip. This one was a little unusual because this time I was going by myself. I was going to fish from the shore line (something I hadn’t done in a long time) at a lake I knew held some really […]

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Cruise for Caribbean Fishing

It’s possible to cruise for a week in the Caribbean for less than $500 late in 2017 because of the massive dislocations due to the September 11th disasters. You can leave from Florida or Texas and fish the United States Virgin Islands, Mexico and a sprinkle of Caribbear Islands. If you’ve ever wanted to take […]

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Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing 101

In Part I and II of this series, I introduced the Lake Erie Steelhead, its habitat, needed gear and the chosen bait. With that information you should be properly prepared to head out for some good and exciting Steelhead fishing. If you followed my suggestions, at least you now know where to find the Steelhead […]

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Fishing Has No Boundaries Event Held at Buckeye Boat Club

The Central Ohio Chapter of Fishing Has No Boundaries held a fishing event at Hoover Reservoir on June 5, 2016. The Buckeye Boat Club, a private club located on the east side of the reservoir, hosted the event.  Hoover Reservoir is located in Delaware and Franklin Counties, approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Columbus, Ohio. […]

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Fisher’s Footgear

Insulation, usually Thinsulite and the like, can help keep your feet warm. The extreme case is the ice fisherman’s “moon boots.” However, if you properly fit footgear so you can wear thick wool socks, and you stay active on the trail, you may not need insulated footgear unless you slog through snow or slush.  Ice […]

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How to Go Crabbing: Easy Ways to Catch Blue Crabs

Blue crabs are very easy to catch throughout much of the coastal United States. These crabs are omnivores, eating just about any organic material that they stumble across. However, there are certain baits that request their attention more than others, because crabs have great senses of smell, and prefer to eat meat.  Knowing this, it […]

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