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Welcome to kodaktheatre.com, the ultimate destination for book lovers and literature enthusiasts. Named after the iconic auditorium renowned for its live performances, our blog offers a unique blend of book reviews and literary insights, designed to captivate and inspire readers. 


Founded by Laura Lippman, a seasoned writer with a deep-seated passion for both literature and theater, kodaktheatre.com aims to bridge the gap between the written word and the performing arts. Laura’s love for storytelling, coupled with her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, allows her to bring a fresh perspective to book reviews and recommendations. 


At kodaktheatre.com, we believe that every book has a story to tell and a performance to deliver. Our blog features comprehensive reviews across a wide range of genres, from thrilling assassin novels to enlightening aviation audio books. Whether you’re looking for a standalone masterpiece, an engaging novel, or other unique writings, you’ll find it here. 


Our mission is to guide you through the vast world of literature, helping you discover books that resonate with your interests and passions. We also spotlight authors, provide reading guides, and keep you updated on the latest literary events and book signings. 


Join our community of book enthusiasts and embark on a literary journey where each review is a performance and every book is a stage. Explore, engage, and enjoy the world of books like never before at kodaktheatre.com. 

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