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March Madness iPhone Applications: Four Free Apps

Apple iPhone application developers haven’t overlooked March Madness and the potential it holds for establishing and furthering brand recognition. Among the Apple App Store’s many college basketball applications are several devoted to the national championship of “America’s game.” Here are the top-four free versions of those apps, each having it’s own premium version. The applications are […]

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San Diego Basketball

Bulls have always fallen victim to the craftiness of Spanish toreros. Bulldogs, at least those of Gonzaga University fame, appear to have better fortunes. Despite a fierce second half comeback, the Torero basketball women of the University of San Diego come up short in trying to get their first conference win of the 2007-08 season. The Gonzaga […]

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The Benefits of High School Basketball

Yes, the NCAA championship tournament, that annual hoops ritual known as March Madness, generates anticipation and excitement across the United States — and likely even beyond. But there is another level of basketball that garners its share of attention at this time of year, too. Currently, state high school championship tournaments are in full swing around […]

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Why are Teams Seeded in the NCAA Tournament?

In the NCAA Basketball Tournament, 65 teams compete for the National Championship. The teams are not placed into the tournament randomly, but each team is given a specific ranking, or seed. The match-ups for each round are determined by the seeding of the winning teams. This method is used in almost all playoffs, and it is […]

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Women Athletes and the NCAA

As noted at the association’s official website, the organization began after President Theodore Roosevelt called a group of sports leaders to the White House to meet and find a resolution to the violence and deaths that resulted from injuries sustained during the course of football games. By December 1905, the sixty-two sports leaders formed the Intercollegiate […]

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Basketball in France: An Overview

The history of basketball in France began not long after Europe created its own governing body for the sport, the Fédération Internacionale de Basket-Ball or FIBA.  French teams have played nationally and internationally since 1936, when men’s basketball first became part of the Olympic Summer Games, according to FIBA. French basketball history features many ups and […]

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