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Best Baits for Smallmouth Bass in Summer: Lures that Work in Rivers in the Warmer Months

Smallmouth bass (Micropterusdolomieui) prefer colder, more oxygenated waters than do largemouth bass, and they usually live in rivers and deep lakes. They may be found throughout much of the Eastern United States and Southern Canada, making them available to anglers in many regions. Some of the best places to fish for smallmouth are in rivers of […]

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Fly Fishing for Brook Trout: Colorful Char are Often Overlooked by Long Rodders

Unfortunately, in many of these small, austere streams, brookies multiply beyond the capacity of the habitat, causing them to stunt and create huge populations of really small fish. In the West, brookies have the opposite impact–they thrive, even to the detriment of native cutthroat trout, the original native to the West’s trophy trout waters. In pristine […]

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Basketball in France: An Overview

The history of basketball in France began not long after Europe created its own governing body for the sport, the Fédération Internacionale de Basket-Ball or FIBA.  French teams have played nationally and internationally since 1936, when men’s basketball first became part of the Olympic Summer Games, according to FIBA. French basketball history features many ups and […]

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