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Fisher’s Footgear

Insulation, usually Thinsulite and the like, can help keep your feet warm. The extreme case is the ice fisherman’s “moon boots.” However, if you properly fit footgear so you can wear thick wool socks, and you stay active on the trail, you may not need insulated footgear unless you slog through snow or slush.  Ice […]

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Alaskan Commercial Fishing Trollers: Hook and Line Troll Fishery Produces a High Quality Salmon Product

Trollers are the quintessential fishing boat of Southeast Alaska, operating from Ketchikan to Yakutat. Fisheries are regulated at the state and federal levels. Troll vessels primarily target King and Silver salmon, with some Pink salmon caught as well.  Trolling is a hook and line fishery. Fishers tow baited hooks or lures to attract fish. Fishing […]

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Consistent Winter Methods for Catching Catfish: How to Fish for Cold Weather Trophy Blue Catfish

Fishing for catfish is usually associated with the nostalgic hot summer days and nights spent on riverbeds and lake shores anxiously watching the movements of your bobber.  This often overshadows the preference of many guides and professional anglers to fish for catfish, especially blue catfish, during the winter. Winter is a prime time for anglers […]

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Clear Lake’s Big Cats

Clear Lake deserves its reputation as big bass water. No other lake in California offers so much cover and such superb management. For the fish in Clear Lake come from the local merchants and others concerned about Northern California’s most prolific fishery. Crappie fishing is a winner here too. However, when Annette sends me to […]

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Best Baits for Smallmouth Bass in Summer: Lures that Work in Rivers in the Warmer Months

Smallmouth bass (Micropterusdolomieui) prefer colder, more oxygenated waters than do largemouth bass, and they usually live in rivers and deep lakes. They may be found throughout much of the Eastern United States and Southern Canada, making them available to anglers in many regions. Some of the best places to fish for smallmouth are in rivers of […]

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Fly Fishing for Brook Trout: Colorful Char are Often Overlooked by Long Rodders

Unfortunately, in many of these small, austere streams, brookies multiply beyond the capacity of the habitat, causing them to stunt and create huge populations of really small fish. In the West, brookies have the opposite impact–they thrive, even to the detriment of native cutthroat trout, the original native to the West’s trophy trout waters. In pristine […]

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