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Eastern North Dakota Lakes Around in Panfish: Ice Fishing Walleye, Perch & Northern Pike in Devil’s Lake Region

An October six degrees cooler than normal followed by a November about 10 degrees warmer than average in 2017 has increased the angst of men and women dedicated to the sport of ice fishing for walleye, perch and northern pike in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Although Devil’s Lake is by far the number one ice fishing […]

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Best Small Steelhead Streams in Northwest Oregon: Little Coast Rivers Recover Quickly for Fishing After Winter Rains

In the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Northwest Zone, there are plenty of small streams to try when bigger rivers on the north coast and central coast are running too high. Listed north to south, here are some of the best:Astoria Area Winter Steelhead StreamsThough technically Columbia River tributaries rather than “coastal streams,” these three […]

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Where to Find Steelhead on the Lower Deschutes: Popular Fishing Holes for Summer Steelies Close to Portland, Oregon

From July into December, summer steelhead return from the Pacific and swim 150 miles up the Columbia River to the Deschutes. The Deschutes flows into the Columbia just 2 hours east of Portland, Oregon, drawing hundreds of fishermen each summer.The Deschutes River in OregonOriginating in central Oregon’s mountains, the Deschutes, coursing through porous volcanic rock […]

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On March 22nd of this year I decided to head out on an overnight fishing trip. This one was a little unusual because this time I was going by myself. I was going to fish from the shore line (something I hadn’t done in a long time) at a lake I knew held some really […]

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Cruise for Caribbean Fishing

It’s possible to cruise for a week in the Caribbean for less than $500 late in 2017 because of the massive dislocations due to the September 11th disasters. You can leave from Florida or Texas and fish the United States Virgin Islands, Mexico and a sprinkle of Caribbear Islands. If you’ve ever wanted to take […]

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Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing 101

In Part I and II of this series, I introduced the Lake Erie Steelhead, its habitat, needed gear and the chosen bait. With that information you should be properly prepared to head out for some good and exciting Steelhead fishing. If you followed my suggestions, at least you now know where to find the Steelhead […]

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