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Women Athletes and the NCAA

As noted at the association’s official website, the organization began after President Theodore Roosevelt called a group of sports leaders to the White House to meet and find a resolution to the violence and deaths that resulted from injuries sustained during the course of football games. By December 1905, the sixty-two sports leaders formed the Intercollegiate […]

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Surface Fishing for Bass: Fly Rods and Surface Lures for Summertime Bass Fishing

Bass are one of the most spectacular of freshwater game fish. With patience and the right approach, anglers hook fighting, splashing, tail-walking bass.Lurking Bass Lunge for PoppersBass resting under shady cover will often hit a popper splashing along the surface. Important factors in summer surface fishing include placement and movement of the lure. Bass cover […]

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Fly Fishing with Poppers: Using Popping Bugs for Bass and Panfish

Freshwater poppers are small floating flies usually made of feathers, rubber legs, and cork or foam, which is pained. These flies may represent damselflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, frogs, and other creatures liable to present themselves to fish near the water’s edge. They are best when fished in late spring, summer, and early fall, when insects abound around […]

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Eastern North Dakota Lakes Around in Panfish: Ice Fishing Walleye, Perch & Northern Pike in Devil’s Lake Region

An October six degrees cooler than normal followed by a November about 10 degrees warmer than average in 2017 has increased the angst of men and women dedicated to the sport of ice fishing for walleye, perch and northern pike in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Although Devil’s Lake is by far the number one ice fishing […]

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