Makeup for Bigger & Brighter Eyes – Just in time for the Holidays

Have you ever looked at your favourite TV celebrity star and thought maybe they’ve done a bit of plastic surgery? In this day in age, the chances of your favourite star having a bit of work done, is most likely to happen.

The pressures of Hollywood and the media in general has put a tremendous amount of pressure on our ability to want to fix any ‘imperfections.’ Makeup can create the illusion of perfection in many ways, with the right makeup techniques this can be resolved. The technology of makeup has become much more advance than it was 20 years ago and less costly than plastic surgery.

If you ask most people what their best facial features are, many would say their eyes! The eyes are the first facial features that standout because it gives people the sense of who you are. A woman’s eyes are important, which allows you to shine through and show your inner beauty.

The eyes are the first thing we’re all drawn to for so many different reasons. And for those reasons, women want their eyes to sparkle and shine. There are several ways to achieve brighter and larger sexy eyes. No matter your eye shape or size, you can make your eyes pop and appear more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Healthy Eyes always get noticed

Gossip magazines love to capture women who don’t have makeup on because it shows the reality of how makeup really does cover up those dark circles we don’t want anyone to see. Firstly, you’ll notice in those photos are the darkness around the eyes.

Naturally all women have darker tones and unevenness around their eyes. With the advance makeup formulas no one needs to suffer with unevenness or dull looking skin around the eyes.

 The beauty about taking care of your eyes and using the right makeup, you’re eyes will appear much bigger because the focus will be on your eyes, not your dark circles.

Key essentials for Gorgeous Eyes

In this day in age most women get a lack of sleep because their working so hard, more than ever. Here are a few tips that are going to help you get the look you desire to have.

1. Eye moisturizer:

Women of all ages, it’s never too late to treat your under eyes with proper moisture to soften and smooth out any fine lines. There are eye moisturizers for all skin conditions in cosmetic stores.

2. Proper concealer:

All women need to reduce the darkness around the eyes to create a healthier looking overall flawless makeup look.

3. Primer:

All over primer or eye primer will lock in the eyeshadow and make your overall makeup last throughout the day.

Makeup Principles for Bigger Eyes

There are set in stone makeup techniques that are going to make your eyes appear larger than they appear to be in size. The most important makeup principles are making sure you place lighter eyeshadow colours in the inner corner of your eyes to create a wider eye,

 and the darkest colour eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eyes. In addition, make sure you have the right concealer that is three shades lighter than your skin tone.

Once you’ve applied your moisturizer and primer all over your face, make sure you have applied your foundation.

  • Apply concealer all over the eyes and evenly distribute the concealer around the eyes. This will secure the eyeshadow pigment on your eyes for a long lasting wear.
  • Simply apply the lightest eyeshadow colour at the tear duck and then at the brow bone, as a highlighter.
  • Line your inner eyes with white liner (this will instantly make your eyes brighter and whiter.)
  • Apply the medium eyeshadow colour on the eyelids and blend the lightest colour at the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Now you can apply the darkest eyeshadow right at the outer corner of the eyes and blend into the medium eyeshadow colour. * Make sure to blend all eyeshadow colours together*
  • Line your upper eye lids with black eyeliner. This will make your eyes appear bigger and your eyelashes will look fuller and thicker.
  • Apply three coats of mascara on the upper eyelashes (use the blackest mascara colour.) For the more daring types, apply flash eyelashes for that extra volume and length.
  • If you’re comfortable with mascara at the bottom, apply mascara on the lower lashes.

This completes your bigger and brighter flawless eyes. Practice these steps and you can turn any eye into dull to brighter wider eyes. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Donald S. Cochran

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