How to Make a Projector Screen with a Sheet? Easiest Guide

How to Make a Projector Screen with a Sheet

Projectors can easily up the entertainment quotient of any event or gathering. However, it is not that easy to find the projecting surface. Carrying the projector screen everywhere is difficult. This is where a sheet can come in handy.

Most of us know that a sheet is usable as a projector screen but not the exact procedure to convert the sheet into a screen. If you, too, are wondering how to make a projector screen with a sheet, I will share the procedure I follow with you.

I have done it numerous times, and it doesn’t take that long.

How to Make a Projector Screen with a Sheet?

Hope you get an answer to that can you use a white sheet as a projector screen. The procedure to make a projector screen with the sheet is pretty simple and involves just 5 steps that I will highlight below.

Before that, it is time to understand what you need.

Things You Will Need

  • White sheet
  • Eyelets (at least 2)
  • Thread and sewing needle
  • PVC Pipe
  • Tape
  • Hooks
  • Nails
  • Hammer

Steps to Make a DIY Projector Screen with a Sheet

Steps to Make a Projector Screen with a Sheet

Step 1: Choosing the Size

Decide on the size of the sheet which you need. If it seems perplexing, you can go with a sheet measuring 5’ x 6’. Also, if you have a larger sheet, you can cut it to these dimensions.

Step 2: Getting the Dimensions Right

While cutting, you have to leave a couple of inches on either side. To use it as a screen, you will be folding the sides, and therefore, a couple of inches on either side will help.

Step 3: Adding Eyelets

Sew eyelets on the top side of the sheet to ensure that you can hang it.

Step 4: Straightening the Sheet

Obtain a PVC pipe slightly larger than the horizontal sides of the sheet. Place the PVC pipe at the bottom and fold the sheet to cover the pipe. You can use tape to hold the PVC pipe and the folded part in place. The advantage of the PVC pipe is that it will force the sheet to remain straight and eliminate any wrinkles.

Step 5: Fix the Hooks

Install the hooks in the ceiling or the wall with the help of a hammer. After that, you have to use the eyelets of the sheet to hang it using these hooks.

That’s it!

Precautions to Undertake While Using a Sheet As a Screen

To make the entire experience seamless, take a few precautions.

Iron the Sheet

While using a sheet as a screen, wrinkles are your biggest enemy. If you iron the sheet in advance, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles. After that, it will become easier to get a completely wrinkle-free screen that will enhance the viewing experience.

Choose the Sheet of the Right Size

The size of the sheet is pretty important. If it is small, the projection will take place on the adjacent surface also. In that case, you might not get a proper viewing experience.

If it is too large, you might notice the blank sheet more at the edges of the picture. Once again, that will deteriorate the viewing experience.

That is why it is essential to choose a sheet of the right size.

Go with White Color

Sheets are available in a variety of color options. If you choose any other color, it will interfere with the projection. A better alternative is to go with the white sheet. Once you do that, irrespective of the projected image color, the sheet will work as an efficient screen.

Downsides of Using a Sheet As a Projector

Using the procedure above, you can use the sheet as a makeshift screen. However, it has some downsides.

Not an Elegant Display

Even when you follow the procedure above, the sheet will work as a makeshift screen. That is why, if you’re looking for an elegant display, you won’t achieve that.

Additionally, your projector might not be able to display its true prowess when using the sheet as a screen.

It is not a good idea to use these for professional or corporate presentations.

Light Loss

The store-bought screen which you use reflects a lot of the light projected on it. That’s why you can see the true colors and the picture being projected.

Now, the problem with the sheet is that even if you choose the white color, it will allow a lot of light to pass through. Due to the same reason, the colors are very light on the sheet. At times, it might seem like the entire sheet is transparent. It is especially true when light colors are being projected.

Light loss (light passing through) is one of the downsides of using the sheet as a screen.

Picture Quality Is Barely Adequate

If you’re expecting 720p or 1080p picture quality, you won’t achieve that with the sheet. Even if you choose a perfectly white sheet for a projector, achieving that picture quality is certainly not possible.

The problem gets compounded if you use the sheet outdoors. A slight bit of wind can easily cause ripples in the screen that further affect the picture quality. Keeping this in mind, the picture quality is barely adequate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a white tarp for the projector screen?

You shouldn’t use a white tarp as a projector screen. The white tarp is often manufactured using vinyl material. That is why they result in a layer that distorts the entire image.

Can you use a drop cloth for the projector screen?

Yes, you can use a drop cloth as a projector screen. You have to just ensure that it is big enough.

Is blackout cloth good for projector screens?

Blackout cloth is undoubtedly a good choice for projector screens. That’s because it is extremely affordable. Getting it in the right size is also possible.

The easy availability of the blackout cloth is another reason it is a good idea to use one as a projector screen.

What color is best suitable for a projector screen?

Gray is the best color for projector screens. If you aren’t able to procure a gray screen, you can go with the black one. However, gray works great with contrast.


If you are looking for a makeshift screen for your projector, the sheet is a good option. With my step-by-step guide above, there is no need to waste time thinking, how to make a projector screen with a sheet.

Following this guide will instantly help you convert your ordinary sheet into a screen over which you can project images or videos. The last time I did so, my friends were indeed surprised with the ease of use and the effectiveness of the sheet.