Top 7 Amazing Gift Ideas For Basketball Lovers – He/She Will Really Love These

You’ve noticed that your spouse has a keen interest in basketball. They like spending time at the court playing with friends, or they’ve even gone professional.

Or, your son/daughter is playing for the school’s basketball team, and he/she loves the game immensely.

Whatever the case, there’s one way in which you can show love and support. Buy some amazing best gifts for basketball lovers.

From awesome games and accessories to unique wear, the options are endless.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the coolest gifts you can buy for the basketball lovers in your life.

1. NIKE Men's Elite Basketball Socks 

When playing basketball, good cushioning for the feet is a necessity.

Made of 100% polyester, NIKE Men's Elite Basketball Socks have all it takes to provide the cushioning needed. These socks are designed to dry the sweat off of the surface of the skin, ensuring the player is totally comfortable.

Something else is that these come with ribbed cuffs. This prevents the socks from falling without squeezing the skin too tightly.

For as low as $7, you can get a suitable size on Amazon that fits your loved one.

2. Marilyn Monroe Bulls 23 Jordan Jersey

If your wife, sister, grand-daughter, or any other lady in your life is an avid basketball fan, we bet she’ll be immensely pleased if you get a Marilyn Monroe Bulls 23 Jordan Jersey for her.

The one from New Way is printed right here in the US. It’s available in over 10 colors ranging from red and light pink to Kelly green and Royal blue. There’ll also a range of sizes to choose from.

You can get it from Amazon for as low as 12.33 dollars.

Pssst…New Way also offers a unisex model with different size and color options.

Another t-shirt variety you can get for them is one with an evolution of basketball drawing. It’s a really popular style among basketball fans, and it’s available for both men and women.

Check out this one from Raw T-shirts for men

And this women’s variety from Amdesco

3. SKLZ Dribble Stick Basketball Trainer

Is the person you want to get the gift for an amateur or professional player? Consider getting basketball rules and find them an SKLZ Dribble Stick basketball trainer.

This is an exercise tool that fits any player or coach out there. It’s a pole with tracks where sticks can be positioned at different levels to mimic a defender.

By impeding where the player can dribble, this accessory helps them control their movement, speed, and position.

It goes for 99.99 dollars on Amazon.

4. Lifetime Portable Basketball System

For a basketball player, exercising at home is crucial to improve one’s skills. They can do it at the backyard, the garage, the basement, or even an empty room in the house.

One thing they will need to exercise is a basketball hoop, and the one from lifetime portable God could be really helpful.

It comes with a strong, almost unbreakable backboard measuring 43 inches. Its telescoping mechanism can be adjusted from 6.5 to 10 feet, with fine increments of 6 inches.

Moving the hoop system is a cinch as it has wheels.

The entire thing is also extremely stable.

It’s currently going for 144.99 on amazon. Go ahead and check it out.

5. Spalding NBA Street Basketball

This list wouldn’t be complete without the center of the game – the ball.

The Spalding NBA Street Basketball comes in three different sizes – the intermediate, the official, and the youth size, to ensure you get the size that fits that player you care for.

With the wide channel design, the grip feels amazing. The ball dribbles effortlessly, and it’s great for shooting. It’s just what your loved one needs for practice.

Being only 1 pound heavy, the ball is also super easy to handle.

At 17.99 dollars, it’s one of the inexpensive quality basketballs on the market today.

Go on and view more features and reviews on Amazon.

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6. Under Armour Curry Basketball Shoes

If your loved one loves basketball and thinks Stephen Curry is awesome, these shoes are perfect for him/her.

They’re nicely-designed and sturdy shoes that also happen to be lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear.

They also wash pretty well, and you know something else? They can be worn for any occasion, not just when playing basketball.

These come in over 20 sizes, and they’re available in red, blue, and white colors.

Depending on the size you select, you’ll pay between 32 and 200 bucks.

7. OTS NBA Adult Snapback Adjustable Hat

What better way for a basketball fan to show support to their team than to put on a trendy snapback hat with the team’s name or logo on it?

The OTS NBA Adult Snapback Adjustable Hat is available for over 12 popular teams, including Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and more.

It’s also available in different colors according to the team.

The manufacturer says this hat is for men, but the truth is, it can be worn by women too. Size can be adjusted through a plastic strap at the back to fit most adults and kids over 12 years old comfortably.

And talking of comfort, the material is 100% cotton, and it’s soft and absolutely comfortable.

All you got to do is find out their favorite team and get them the hat as a surprise. We tell you, they’ll be thrilled!

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Final Thoughts

Our selection of the 7 amazing gifts for basketball lovers is in no way exhaustive.

There are many other awesome gifts you can buy for the basketball fans and players in your life, including logo hoodies, books such as My Losing Season by Pat Conroy, and dribbling gloves. You could even get them movies/documentaries based on the game.

Whatever gift you choose, we wish you all the best. If you liked the post, give it a thumbs up and share it.

What gift do you think suits basketball lovers best? Let us know in the comments.

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