Fishing Has No Boundaries Event Held at Buckeye Boat Club

The Central Ohio Chapter of Fishing Has No Boundaries held a fishing event at Hoover Reservoir on June 5, 2016. The Buckeye Boat Club, a private club located on the east side of the reservoir, hosted the event.

Hoover Reservoir is located in Delaware and Franklin Counties, approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Forty-one disabled adults and children participated. Despite sometimes heavy rain and the occasional rumble of thunder, all activities went on as planned.

Participants, accompanied by assistants and volunteers, were able to fish from the shore or board pontoon boats and venture out onto the reservoir. Hours of planning and preparation were required to assure that the day-long event went smoothly. Boat owners served as volunteer captains.

Additional volunteers included boat club members, FHNB organizers, and Boy Scouts. These volunteers handled registration, boat assignments, meal service, and set-up. Thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors and donations from private individuals, participants enjoyed breakfast, lunch, shirts, hats, bait, and goodie bags that contained tackle boxes filled with hooks, weights, lures, and more.

Fishing Awards and Prizes

The event concluded with awards and prizes. James Davis won first place with an 18-inch catfish. Ryan McVicker and Ethan Midgely took second and third places. Dozens of additional prizes were awarded in a raffle, and every participant received a medal to wear and keep as a memento of the event.

Although participant Anthony Edwards did not receive an award, he did experience the thrill of driving an 20-foot pontoon boat. Under the guidance of boat owner and volunteer captain Steve Brandenburg, Edwards donned the captain’s hat and, with a broad smile and a steady hand, steered the vessel across the reservoir.

Others returned to the clubhouse equally happy, sharing tales of fish caught and fish lost. “I caught ten fish,” one participant exclaimed. His friend replied, “I caught two. The first one was huge. The second one was gigantic!”

About Fishing Has No Boundaries

Fishing Has No Boundaries is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Hayward, Wisconsin, with twenty chapters throughout the United States. The organization is dedicated to providing quality, outdoor experiences for disabled individuals, along with the thrill of fishing. Special assistance and adaptive equipment ensures that all participants are able to fish.

Donald S. Cochran

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