Epson 2150 vs. Benq HT2050A Projector – Which One To Choose?

Epson 2150 vs. Benq HT2050A

Ask anyone for a projector recommendation under 1000$. You will be most likely hear them recommending either the Epson 2150 or the Benq HT2050a. Yes, these two are the go-to options for people looking for a projector in this budget.

Epson 2150 vs. Benq ht2050a is a pretty hot topic among projector experts. However, as a buyer, this creates a dilemma. Both the offerings are pretty good for the money. For that reason, it becomes pretty hard to choose one.

But the good news is that we have both of the projectors, and we had the privilege of putting them against each other. And from that head-to-head comparison, we learned about many things that will help you regarding the purchase decision. So, if you want to get out of the predicament, we recommend sticking until the end.

A Brief Description About Epson 2150

About Epson 2150

The Epson 2150 is one of the go-to options for anyone that is looking for a good projector under $1000. Its performance is up to the mark, and its value proposition is pretty high.

First of all, it can offer a bright image in different light conditions. It has the ability to offer up to 2500 lumens. And both the white and other colors of the image will be bright and have the right amount of balance in terms of clarity.

Other than that, the image resolution that the unit can offer is up to 1080p. Thanks to that, you will be capable of enjoying crisp and highly detailed images on the screen.

On that note, the dynamic contrast ratio is pretty praiseworthy. It can offer up to a 60000:1 ratio, which will enhance the images’ details and richness. The frame interpolation for enhanced projection technology will sharpen, smoothen, and give the photos a true-to-life trait.

It will even offer you a good amount of flexibility when it comes to installation. You can set it up at 11 feet away from the panel if you want to. That will offer you 132 inches of screen space.


  • Provides bright images in different light conditions
  • Offers up to 2500 lumens
  • The image resolution is FHD
  • Has a fantastic contrast ratio
  • Utilizes projection enhancement technology
  • Cons
  • Does not work that well in a medium-lit room
  • The fan inside is a bit loud

A Brief Description of Benq HT2050A

 Benq HT2050A

While there are a good amount of projectors in the market, there are only a few that have low overall latency. And the Benq HT2050A is one of them.

As mentioned, the projector has an insanely low input lag. It is at 16ms, which means you will be capable of enjoying games and fast-paced movies on it without noticing any delays. There is a built-in gaming mode present as well.

This projector also supports loads of HDTV compatibility options. Starting from 480i to 1080p, you will be capable of running the projector in most of the modes. The color accuracy will amaze you as well. It has a color calibration mode that will make sure that the images have true-to-life colors.

Furthermore, you will find loads of connectivity options. It has a USB, HDMI, and other connectivity ports on the back. And all of the ports have a label to them. So, the setup process will not seem like a hassle.

Aside from that, the maximum resolution of the images will be up to 1080p. Also, it has a high native contrast ratio. That will further enhance the quality of the image and offer you a pleasurable viewing experience.


  • The input lag is exceptionally low
  • Compatible with a lot of HDTV resolutions
  • Features a load of connectivity ports
  • Has a high native contrast ratio
  • Sports a proper color calibration system


  • The integrated software is a bit finicky
  • Does not have advanced power zoom or focus settings

Difference Between Benq HT2050A and Epson 2150 Projector

Before we describe which one is better in what regard, we would like to state that you will not go wrong with either of the devices. Both are good for the money, and if you select one that will suit your needs, you will be signing up to get a stellar projector-viewing experience.

With that out of the way, let us get into describing each of the factors that the projectors are better at.

Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, both of the projectors can offer up to FHD resolution. And if you did not know this by now, FHD is the standard for watching movies and content. However, just the resolution will not be capable of providing a stellar overall viewing experience. The colors matter too.

In that case, the projector from Epson will take the lead. Why? Well, the offering from Benq utilizes a color wheel. The color wheel is a wheel that rotates at a fast pace. It divides the primary colors and then combines them when the image is projected through the lens.

On the other hand, the Epson projector utilizes 3LCD chips. Its 10-bit color processing chip can easily handle color production and eliminate the chances of fading and washing out. In other words, the colors will seem more lifelike, which will eventually increase the content-viewing experience.

That said, the Benq model also has a 10-bit color processing chip. That can also ensure that the colors do not fade that much. But when you compare both the images together, the Epson 2150 has the upper hand.

Brightness and Contrast

If you look at the specs, you will notice that the HT2020A has a lumens rating of 2200, while the Epson 2150 has a rating of 2500 lumens. Now, 300 lumens might not seem that much, but it can indeed make a difference when a small amount of ambient lighting is present inside the room.

Likewise, the contrast ratio of the Epson projector is at 60000:1, while the HT2020A has a rating of 15000:1. When it comes to the standard contrast ratio, both the ratings fall in the suitable category. However, the rating of HT2020A is more preferred by experts. Want to know why?

Well, that contrast ratio will ensure that the blacks are deep and the whites are bright. Even though the difference between the two might not be that noticeable at first glance, it will surely make a difference when you indulge fully in content and movies.

In a nutshell, even though the Epson 2150 takes the lead in brightness, it falls a bit behind in contrast. So, we can consider this factor as a tie.

Gaming Quality

Apart from watching videos, movies, and other content with the projector, many utilize these for gaming. The thing is that the cinematic quality might not align with the gaming quality all the time. That said, both the projectors utilize a bright lamp. That will ensure that dimly-lit levels do not seem too dark on the screen.

However, when it comes to latency, which matters the most, the Epson 2150 has a 28ms input lag, whereas the HT2050A has a 16ms lag. That is about 12ms of difference. And that 12ms of input lag can indeed make a difference when you are playing a competitive game.

On that note, both the projectors feature a gaming mode function. That mode will ensure that the image quality is smooth from one frame to another. Even if you are playing a fast-paced game with a projector, your experience will be stellar on both.

So, if you consider the input lag, HT2050A will surely take the lead. Competitive games will be more enjoyable on that projector. But the Epson 2150 is a worthy pick as well.

Installation Process

Comparing the installation process was pretty tough for us as both the projectors have a straightforward installation process. Some guides will help align the on-screen images too. However, when you consider the throw of the projector, things can get a bit clear.

The Benq HT2050A is a short-throw device, while the Epson 2150 is on the medium-throw margin. Epson will require more than 100 inches of distance to produce an image, which makes it take a slight lead.

That said, both the devices weigh a little over 7 pounds. There is flexible installation hardware that will make the weight a little bit less of an issue. But the Epson 2150 comes with vertical and horizontal keystone correction. That will make the installation process a bit easier.

Additionally, the Epson 2150 will enable you to stream movies and content wirelessly. That is something that you will not find in the projectors that are within this budget. Thanks to that wireless mechanism, it will indeed be possible to lower the number of hanging cables.

Considering all of that, we can crown the Epson 2150 as the winner in this case. But do not think that you will face issues when installing the HT2050A. It comes with an image alignment mode, making the entire setup process feel like a piece of cake.

Final Words

So, which projector wins in terms of Benq HT2050A vs. Epson 2150? Well, that will highly depend on your preference. If you are more into gaming and want a low latency experience while playing fast-paced games, the Benq HT2050A should be your pick. It can also offer an excellent content-watching experience.

On the other hand, if installation and picture quality prioritize the most, pick the Epson 2150. It will not let you down in those regards.