Canada Fishing Trips to the NWT Mean Fish….Mean Fish

Around the world, millions of people find great pleasure in the simple joy of fishing. Armed with everything from a cane pole with a rusty hook to the most tricked-out boat with tackle that looks like weapons from a sci-fi movie, fishermen head to their local body of water and try to find something that bites. (Besides the mosquitoes)

About the only thing that beats a day at the local water hole might be a fishing trip to some exotic location. To get away from home and try the water of some distant lake or stream adds another layer of adventure to an anglers favorite pastime. And, few fishing expeditions can compare to a Canada fly in fishing trip.

Canada Fly In Fishing

To hop on a single-engine float plane, fly across a barren wasteland and land on the water of some far-flung lake is enough to get any fisherman's blood pumping. With a vast section of the country void of towns, roads or people, and more lakes and rivers than any human could ever toss a hook into, Canada is fly in fishing heaven.

Fly in lodges start showing up just beyond the United States border, but fishermen who yearn for the ultimate Canada fishing trips keep heading north; way north.

Located in the Northwest Territories, Great Slave Lake is where many fly in fishing trips happen. One of the ten biggest lakes in the world, Great Slave Lake is also the deepest lake in North America. With a maximum depth of over 2000 feet, nobody knows what leviathan beasts are lurking way down below.

What we do know is that the lake is home to three species of game fish that will make that high-tech fishing equipment beg for its mama:

  • Arctic Grayling – These fish will average between a pound and four pounds and will hit fly fishing equipment or bait-casting lures. Found in shallow and running water, these fish, among the most beautiful in fresh-water, will jump, pull and dive. What they lack in size, they make up for with their tenacity and willingness to attack almost anything.
  • Northern Pike – This fish didn't get the nicknames, waterwolfand gator for their calm demeanor. Averaging 5 to 15 pounds, but available in plus-sizes, this is one of the most voracious predatory fish in fresh water. These slimy, green critters with a mouth-full of angry teeth require heavier tackle than the grayling, but will hit live bait, spoons, bucktails, jigs or each other. Hang on.
  • Lake Trout – This is the fish that makes normal fishermen dig out their checkbook and hang the "Gone Fishing" sign on their front door. In this body of water, lakers approach 60 pounds, and 30 pounders don't get a second look. More than their size, it's the fighting ability of these fish that will be the subject of fish stories for the boys back home. On, below or above the surface of the water, these things act like the guy on the other end of the line has bad breath or dandruff.

Canada Fly In Fishing Lodge

Unless the tackle box has a float plane inside, it makes sense to contact a fishing lodge on the lake and have them make arrangements for you. Frontier Fishing Lodge is a highly respected name in the fly in game, and they have the knowledge, facilities and personnel to insure a worry free trip.

Book a 4,5 or 7 day trip with Frontier Fishing Lodge, and let them show you why they've been in business for over 40 years. Upon your arrival in Yellowknife, NWT, Frontier will shuttle you to their float plane, fly you to their lodge and provide everything needed for the duration of the trip.

Boats, guides, meals (including shore lunch) and furnished living quarters are provided. When the fishing ends, they will take you back to the airport in Yellowknife for a flight home that happens way too soon.

It should be noted that Frontier realizes the need to insure that the fishing resource at their disposal is cared for, and they take this responsibility seriously. Like some other fly in fishing lodges, namely Nueltin Fly In Lodges and Kasba Lake Lodge, Frontier Fishing Lodge is a catch and release lodge.

Guests can be assured of great fishing on their next visit, and for generations to come. The use of barbless hooks is also mandatory. The less damage done to the fish, the better its chance for survival.

Canada fishing trips to Frontier Fishing Lodge start at just north of $2000, less than the price of some fully stocked tackle boxes. But, the chance to go on a Canada fly in fishing trip is rarely a matter of money. After all.....

Donald S. Cochran

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