Top 10 Best Speed Cubes 2020: Reviews and Comparison Guide

“Smart is the new sexy”

Sure, people will bond over physical attractiveness. But the thing known as the intellectual and mental connection is far deep and long-lasting foundations for a relationship.

Several days ago, I was watching some videos of Que Jianya, the boy who broke several speed-cube records in 2018. And I’ll admit, he looked damn cool and smart while doing them.

Being dumb is never cute. But how can you improve your brain function and problem-solving capabilities?

The answer is simple. By jogging your brain and mind on a regular basis. And a great way to do this is solving Rubik’s Cube.

You can start by going slow, learning how to solve them. But as time passes, you can push your boundaries and try to solve them as fast as you can.

However, the process is supposed to be fun. And that’s only possible if you have the best speed cube in hands, not some crappy models that get stuck over and over.

If you’re looking for some aesthetically pleasing, high performing speed cubes for you or your loved ones, keep reading. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the top models on the market.

Let’s get started on our journey to “smartdom”, shall we?

What Is Speed Cube? 

Many people confuse speed cube with Rubik’s cube. I mean, both of them are basically the same. But the former is made especially for speed solving.

It has been 40 years since Rubik’s cube was invented and guess what, people still say they can only solve the cube by peeling the stickers or disintegrating it.

Well, that’s a way to solve them all right, but you got to stop cheating if you really want to push your brain to newer heights.

So, the makers changed the stickered tiles and replaced them with plastic tiles. The internal mechanism makes it near impossible to take them apart.

Now the only way to solve the cube is going all the way until it’s solved. Also, the tiles are much smoother to move.

So what’s the difference between Rubik’s cube and speed cube? The former is suitable for all kind of people, those who want to take their time solving the cube.

The latter is made for speed, those who want to solve the cube as soon as possible. To make sure of that, the tiles enable corner cutting and they never pop up.

A complete beginner might even find it challenging to control. But that’s what adds to its charm.

Our Top 10 Best Speed Cube Reviews

1. D FantiX Cyclone Boys 3x3 Speed Cube

It’s really rare to find products that suit people of all types.

It’s normal. Specialized products only focus on one class of people. Thus, they cannot be used by everybody. But there are some really good products that make exceptions.

Take D FantiX Cyclone Boys for instance. It is one of the best 3x3 speed cube models designed for people of all age, style, and expertise. Want to give your kid a gift? Looking to pass leisure time with something creative? Want to help slow down memory deterioration for an elder? You got it all covered with Cyclone Boys.

That’s mainly because of the ergonomic design and top grade materials this product comes in. The cube is made of abs, which is lightweight, non-toxic and forgiving to the palms. Since it doesn’t contain any sticker, it’ll last for a long time.

It also addresses the greatest headaches cube players face. It enables excellent corner cutting and doesn’t lock up during speed turning. If you’re not satisfied with the fluidity, you can adjust the tension and find the balance that works for you.

Now, there is always a risk of popping if you tension the cube too loose or experience corner twist. D Fantix took this into account and implemented anti-pop technology in this 3x3 cube.

Also, the product comes pre-lubed to ensure you get optimum speed from the very start. With 56 x 56 x 56 mm size and 96.2-gram weight, this one will feel like a natural extension of your hands.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight 3x3 cube with plastic, colored puzzle.
  • Made of abs materials, non-toxic, easy to use.
  • An anti-pop mechanism to enable fast corner cutting.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Tension adjustability allows a better user experience

2. CreativeLine SpeedRipper Cube

Gifts should be absolutely stunning that pleases the mind.

I mean, no one wants to receive dull, boring gifts. All the receiver expect is something new, shiny and colorful. In other words, treat for the eyes.

CreativeLine SpeedRipper Cube is exactly like that. You’ll fall in love with the tiny cube as soon as you look at it. There is no sticker on the surface, just colorful tiles. Not all of them are square as you would expect with traditional Rubik’s cube. Rather, they are designed to facilitate maximum speed.

If you’re pretty good at solving speed cube, but the cube movement has been pulling you backward, try this new generation cube. It has triple edge feet, which enables great corner cutting ability of this cube.

When balanced with proper lube and tension, this one can give you 45 degrees corner cutting. It also has circular corner feet, which help with reverse corner cutting. You’ll find very few products that facilitate both.

If you’re a professional, this one can be a great choice for you. It’s built to withstand the agonies of 5-10 tunings per seconds. The corners don’t twist while doing that because of the square design at the corner.

The cube is made of abs. It is non-toxic and doesn’t leave any harsh feelings on the hands. The Abs material also regulates the friction while speedcubing, ensuring no piece will pop up while doing that.

The cube is 56 mm in size. Each cube comes pre-lubed and tension adjusted. But if you feel that the tension is not suitable, you can adjust that easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of top grade injected abs materials.
  • Anti-corner twist structure prevents corner twisting.
  • It facilitates corner cutting and reverses corner cutting.
  • The tiles don’t pop up during speed turning.
  • Eco-friendly and durable, an impeccable gift idea.

3. Winning Moves Rubik's Cube

Over 350 million Rubik’s cube has been sold since its invention.

This tells about the mesmerizing popularity of this small toy. In fact, it has become one of the most selling toys in the last 40 years.

You can have all the preference and biases for modern cubes, but to me, the classic Rubik’s cube is a must one to have. If you want to feel the sensation and experience when it all started, the best Rubik cube would be Winning Moves Original Rubik’s cube.

It doesn’t come with latest features like tension adjusting and corner twisting. If you’re already a professional, you won’t want it for a competition, to be honest. But if you’re just a beginner and want a quality cube without fancy features, this is the one.

It comes in the standard size. The body is made of plastic. The old model used to come with stickers, but the newer ones addressed the issue of durability and now come with plastic tiles.

The breaking in might takes some time. You’ll get the noise and the same crunchy feeling 90’s kids used to have. However, the tiles will be loose and can be turned easier over time. The construction is solid and it will last for a long time.

The product comes with a nice package and a Rubik’s cube stand. The aesthetic value makes it an attractive gift for kids, young and even elders. If you feel the tiles are too tight for you, add some lubricants and they should move just fine.

Highlighted Features

  • The official 3x3 Rubik's cube from original manufacturers.
  • It comes in the official 57 mm size.
  • The package includes a convenient cube stand.
  • Plastic tiles provide a comfortable grip and maneuverability.
  • The screws are held securely for long-lasting performance.

4. Roxenda Magic Cube Set

It can be some times before you find the ideal cube for you.

When you’re just starting out, you have several options in hands. You can start with a 3x3x3 cube or a 2x2x2 cube. Once you handle both types and their variations, you’ll be able to find your ultimate cube.

That’s why Roxenda Magic Cube Set is super convenient for beginners. If I had to choose the best speed cube, I’d probably choose this. It comes with 3 speed-cubes at an affordable price. The most popular is the 3x3x3 cube, but you’ll also love playing with the pyramid cube and 2x2x2 cube.

They all come in standard sizes. The respective sizes for 3x3, 2x2 and pyramid cube are 56 mm, 50 mm and 95 mm. The structure is made of solid abs plastic, and above that come PVC stickers. Being made of PVC, they last longer and stay wear-resistant for a long time.

You’ll love the smooth turning facility of this cube. It comes with round cross design. The corner cutting is easier, and this makes the play smoother and faster. The optimized and stable structure also prevent popping of the pieces.

With the adjustable tension, you can make this cube more playable and suitable for corner cutting. Since it comes pre-lubed and tension adjusted, you can get started with puzzle solving right out of the box.

To further assist the beginners, Roxenda cube comes with a solving guide. You’ll get an idea of how to solve these cubes within a short time. Once you’ve started with 2x2 and mastered 3x3 afterward, you’ll love playing with the pyramid cube.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s a set of three different Rubik’s cube.
  • All the cubes come in the standard sizes.
  • The cubes are already lubed and tension adjusted.
  • PVC stickers last for a long time compared to traditional stickers.
  • Anti-pop structure helps with smooth and fast cornering.

5. Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube

We all hate to see our favorite toys turning old and weary.

It’s really sad. Time catches these beautiful toys, the color fades and the parts break off. As for Rubik’s cube, you’ll see the stickers getting faded and peeling off.

But Dreampark addressed the issue with the heart. Surely, there are plastic tiled cubes, but some of us like the old sticker models. Dreampark comes with carbon fiber stickers that don’t fade or peel easily.

Also, the stickers are decorated with bright colors, easy for any person to grasp. Underneath the stickers, you’ll find an abs plastic body which is as good as it can get.

The cube is brilliantly engineered. It provides a firm grip, not too loose or too tight. These cubes come already adjusted and lubricated from the manufacturer.

It has all the features a competition speed cube should have. It delivers great control, superb rotation and fault tolerance. The mechanism allows faster turning and corner cutting, without the expense of popped pieces.

The black stickers along with the colored lines create a fantastic experience for the users, especially for kids. It comes in the standard 56 mm sizes, but considerably lighter than other brands with only 87-gram weight.

Oh, there’s another thing. If you’re just getting started with speedcubing, the manual will help you to know the ins and outs.

Highlighted Features

  • Standard size cube, suitable for all ages.
  • Decorated with long lasting carbon fiber stickers.
  • The cube comes pre-adjusted and lubed.
  • The anti-pop structure allows for faster turning.
  • Non-toxic abs material lasts for a long time.

6. AGreatLife The Original Cube

A brain teaser is certainly better than hours of movies and games.

Even in your pastime, you can keep your brain busy. That might sound opposite of the traditional pastime concept, but it’s actually fun. Once you get habituated with the tiny brain teaser named Rubik’s cube, it will be tough to detach you from each other.

aGreatLife The Original Cube is certainly a model that’ll catch your eyes. The cube itself is made of abs plastic, which is different from traditional harsh plastics. It’s both eco-friendly and comfortable to grip.

On top of the plastic, the tiles are decorated with carbon fiber stickers. These stickers are bright and super sticky. So no matter how roughly you use, it’ll be long before these stickers lose their glaze.

The 3x3x3 Logic Puzzle comes with the most used 56 mm size. What’ll amaze you is the quick cornering design. If you have your eyes set on professional tournaments, aGreatLife is the one to you should start practicing with.

This cube is structured in a way that the pieces won’t pop or jam despite quick turning. The model facilitates a corner cutting of 43 degrees, which is equivalent to 1.5 cubies. This product also allows ¾ cubie reverse corner cutting.

Overall, this is a suitable speed cube for all ages and skill levels. It isn’t something that’ll break and the stickers will peel off after 1 week of use. Rather, this will last and stay vibrant for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • A carbon fiber cube that comes with nice packaging.
  • The abs plastic is eco-friendly and easily maneuverable.
  • The stickers contain rough texture for better grip.
  • It allows 43 degrees of corner cutting and great reverse cutting.
  • The anti-pop mechanism prevents the pieces from popping or jamming.

7. aSmallfish Magic Speed Cube

You might think of Lego as a children’s toy.

But deep inside, you cherish the toy. It stirs the memory of your sweet childhood. What if I tell you that you can bring the beloved memories back? What if you can blend it with another brain teaser, another childhood sensation?

ASmallFish did the exact thing. They came up with a Rubik’s cube, but there is a small twist. The outer surface of the cube is made like Legos. So you can either play this toy as a Rubik’s cube or a Lego. This mechanism makes the cube more interesting and attracting to the people.

This cube is bigger than the standard size, that’s to make the Legos functional. With 66 mm size, this 3x3 might feel heretical at first, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon.

The cube is made of plastic. And since kids will play it, the manufacturers used plastics that are safe, comfortable and durable. The Lego cum cube passed the International Safety Standard ASTM F963. However, it’s not recommended for children under 3 years because small Lego blocks might be dangerous when choked.

The Lego blocks can be attached with other blocks and they fit nicely at the base. As for the cube, the anti-pop technology and quick cornering allow the user to play with speed. The bricks come in bright color and don’t normally fade with time.

Highlighted Features

  • A combination of both Lego and Speed Cube.
  • Made of durable and safe plastics.
  • Meets the international ASTM F963 safety standard.
  • Additional Lego blocks can be added.
  • Internal corners of the cube come rounded, easy to turn.

8. Eyeopener Speed Cube 3x3x3

The name might sound funny, but there’s some truth to it.

For many of us, Rubik’s cube was an escape from nonproductive leisure activities. And there are very few toys that can jiggle the brain like speed cube. It makes a nerd look like the smartest man on the room.

Eyeopener Speed Cube 3x3x3 is one of the new generation cubes. It is designed to make the cubing as precise and fast as it can be. Just look at the structure and you’ll understand what’s I’m telling about.

The edges come contoured and the centerpiece of each side is round, not rectangular. This reduces friction during fast turning and enables smooth cornering.

The Eyeopener is built to last. It has superior structural stability and impact resistance. Unlike cheap cubes, it won’t break when slipped from hands. The product is made of green abs plastic, which means it’s safe to use.

There is a built-in spring inside the cube. This makes the turning and rotating extremely easy. The axis distance setting is of 1 mm to prevent any dropping and jamming during competitions.

The cube comes in the traditional size of 57 mm, which is the official cube size. The tiles are covered with stickers, but they aren’t regular cheap stickers. They contain a matting surface to help the user grip the cube better. The product comes with a detailed 8 pages long manual.

Highlighted Features

  • A robust Rubik’s cube with anti-pop structure.
  • Molecular level structural stability induce better performance.
  • Axis distance of 1 mm prevents pieces from clashing and locking.
  • Matting surface on the sticker for better grip.
  • The wheelbase can be adjusted easily with a screwdriver.

9. JOYIN Speed Cube 2 Pack

The cube we’re going to discuss now is simple but packed with features.

It comes with two sets of cubes, a 2x2x2 and a 3x3x3. With them in hand, you can climb your way from easy to challenging. They aren’t age restricted, people of all ages and skill levels can play them.

Usually, the cubes come in packs are stickered. There remains a burning question of durability with them. Being made of non-poisonous original abs materials, it’s the best Rubix cube that’ll last longer than typical cubes.

The cubes are slightly smaller than regular ones. The 3x3 is 55 mm and the 2x2 is 50 mm. You can adjust the tension according to your comfort level. 43 degrees corner cutting allows superior corner cutting and fast turning, the virtues crucial for competitive cubing.

The toy is suitable for kids and a great gift idea.  Joyin meets the US Toy Standard which means they’re usually safe. They are passed and approved after vigorous safety tests. It facilitates a great corner cutting of 43 degrees.

The cube comes with bright colors. This makes it easily perceptible by the user. The structure is optimized for anti-pop technology. It’s water-resistant and comes without stickers, so you don’t have to worry about stickers peeling off.

As for the price, the Joyin set actually come at almost the same price of single cubes. This makes it a budget purchase and an exciting gift. Especially, I would say Joyin has the best 2x2 speed cube variation when compared to its most counterparts.

Highlighted Features

  • Joyin comes with vivid colors and without any sticker.
  • The set contains two cubes, 3x3 and 2x2.
  • Safety approved and US Toy Standards passed.
  • Allows 43 degrees of corner cutting and anti-pop features.
  • Made of non-toxic quality ABS materials.

10. Olicity Pyramid Cube

Challenges are what make a person sharper, smarter and stronger.

You see, solving puzzles isn’t just a game. It a way of life, it’s what life throws at us during different spheres of life. The more you use your brain in a constructive way, they more your decision-making process becomes better.

Experience cube players often complain about are like adrenaline junkies. They search for new challenges every day. And a good challenge that’ll keep them busy for quite some time is Olicity Pyramid Cube.

As the name suggests, the cube comes with a pyramid structure. It has an excellent speedball positioning structure. Also, you’ll find the corners to be slightly sounded. These two features together increase the precision and speed.

It’s made of abs material, which is fragrance-free and non-toxic. The cube comes pre-tensioned and pre-lubed to facilitate smooth playing from the very start. With the improved structure, no matter how fast you play, the pieces won’t pop off.

Pyramid cubes are usually 4-sided. Olicity Pyramid Cube has a size of 98 mm, unsurprisingly larger than the 3x3 and 2x2 counterparts. The top layers of the pieces are stickered. They won’t peel off easily and will last for a long time.

Even when used with high speed, the pieces won’t jam and come off. This makes this cube suitable for all ages and experience levels. If you still need to learn the basics and solving procedure, the manual will help you.

Highlighted Features

  • A 4x4 pyramid cube that improves geometric understanding.
  • The product comes adjusted and lubed from the manufacturers.
  • Abs plastic materials with vibrant, durable stickers.
  • Comparatively lightweight at 90 grams (3 ounces).
  • The innovative structure prevents popping during gameplay.
  • Internal corners come curved to avail friction-free cubing.

Benefits Of Using Speed Cubes

It’s surprising how a tiny thing like speed cube can shake your brain function, focus, and precision. These are the traits that you’ll need in real life. Below are some of the awesome benefits of speedcubing.

1. Improves Problem Solving Ability: You can go at solving a cube in many different ways. The smartest way is finding the fastest course of action and ensuring success through that. The most successful CEOs around the globe do it on a daily basis. You can start walking into their path by trying to solve a Rubik’s cube first.

2. Improves Reflexes: If you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s cube, you know what I mean. The more you’re near solving the cube, the faster your brain function and reflexes become.

3. Hand-eye Combination: Well, we have video games for that. But the drawback is they actually harm our eyes. Speed cube bonds your brain, cognitive function, eyes, and hands together, like a jet pilot or software engineer.

4. Improves Finger Dexterity And Agility: This is one of the top benefits of speedcubing. You’ll be using both of your hands and literally every finger. This improves your finger dexterity and helps you with other works that require both hands.

5. See The Bigger Picture: While solving a Rubik's cube, you’re not thinking about the next move only. The purpose is to bring the same colored tiles together. So you are compelled to think 5, 6, 7 steps ahead. While your hands are busy, your mind is running like a smart machine.

6. Breaking Down Complex Tasks: It’s basically the whole purpose of solving speed cubes. You need to break the task of solving the cube into pieces and try to solve one side first. Simplifying the goal is key to quicker success here.

7. A Great Pastime: So what do you do at your leisure time? Most of us watch movies or play video games, maybe hanging out with friends. Some catch bad habits like smoking or taking drugs. Speed cubes help you fight with boredom and give you something to play with all the time, anywhere. It’s more exciting and better than ruining your eyes and body, right?

8. A Sense Of Purpose: This might sound farfetched, but trust me, it’s not. There will be times when you’ll practice day in, day out, trying to beat your previous record. And you’ll get better with your brain and your life in the process. Who knows, someday you might even challenge the 3x3x3 CUBE world record of 3.47 seconds.

Things To Consider Before Buying Speed Cube

Size Of The Cube

Not everyone has the same size of hands. For some, smaller cubes will be suitable, while some will find convenience in larger cubes. You should choose one that is easy to handle and operate.

The standard size for 3×3×3 is 57 mm. Most of the speed cubes come in the size of 56 mm. Others range between 55mm and 42 mm. However, special forms of cube solving, like one hand solving will require the smaller size of cubes.


Speed cubes are specially made for quick and easy turning. The mechanism they’re made in lowers the friction between layers, thus the tiles move without resistance. Depending on the feel and speed, speed cubes come in one of two forms.

1. Fast Turning: They are customized in a way that the layers in between come with minimal resistance. The products are usually lightweight and the tiles can be moved very fast, requiring less effort on the user’s part. The downside is they might feel too fast to handle for a beginner.

2. Smooth Turning: They are more controllable than their counterparts. The resistance between layers is slightly higher, enabling a great fluid feeling while turning. This also allows the user more control and precision. They are usually quiet and allows great layer gliding.

Fast turning cubes are great for professional speedcubing. And often, users start with the smooth cubes and convert to fast turning once they’re experienced enough.

Corner Cutting

Another revolutionary mechanism of speed cube is corner cutting. You see, generally, you won’t be able to make a turn if the vertical layer isn’t completely aligned. In other words, traditional cubes don’t forgive your sloppy or inaccurate turns. You’ll get stuck unless you make the layer aligned.

This poses difficulty for professional players. While the target is solving the cube under 10 seconds, every microsecond counts. The best speedcube should allow 45 degrees corner cutting. Which means you can realign the cubes even when the top layer is turned 45 degrees.

Corner cutting helps avoid lockups and realign the misaligned corners really fast. But that’s only good when you can do it effortlessly. Cubes with poor corner cuts will distract you and mess with your algorithm application. It’ll actually slow you down.

Some products come with reverse corner cutting mechanism which allows handling harder cases where the center tile blocks the corner tile completely.

Pop Resistance

Pieces pooping out during fast solving is one of the problems you’ll see in cheap, inferior cubes. And that greatly damages your performance. If you are in a competition, a popped piece will count as a cause for disqualification for that round.

 Less stable cubes usually tend to do that. It’s not that you’ll start moving the pieces 5-10 times per second when you first starting out. But the more you gain speed and experience, the more stable cubes you’ll need.

Tension Between Layers

Tension is what’s holding the layers of a cube together. And if you’re looking to improve your speed, you need something with adjustable tension. By adjusting the tension, you can bring the layers closer or increase the distance between them.

This allows you to control the friction between layers. The less tension you choose, the easier for you to move the pieces. It actually comes down to personal preference. Your job is to strike a nice balance between control and speed.

Usually, good products come with properly adjusted tension. Some might come with poor adjustments, and it’ll not until late you notice the problem. If you see some sides of the cube is corner cutting 45 degrees while others can’t, it means the tension should be adjusted. Loosen the top side and that should do it.


It might sound surprising, but speed cubes need lubrication too. It’s just like car or machine parts, lubricants reduce the friction between parts and help them interact smoother.

Same goes for speed cubes. You need to lube them to keep the layers free flowing. In fact, there are lubes especially made for this purpose.

Usually, silicone lubes are used for speed cube. There are many variations, thickness and viscosity you’ll find, so it comes down to personal preference. Some even mix lubes in order to get the desired performance.

You don’t need to use lubes on your brand new speed cube. They’re okay and the pieces need to be smoothened. Allow the cube some break-in time. Use lubes afterward once you’ve broken in your speed cube.


When it comes to speed cube, the sticker doesn’t just mean sticky papers. It actually represents the type of surface you get with the cube. You should decide on two factors when it comes to stickers. Color scheme and surface type.

1. Color Scheme: Usually, the colors used in speed cube are white, green, red, yellow, orange and blue.

In Japanese color scheme, the white color is associated or opposed to blue, yellow with green and orange with red.

As for western countries, the scheme is white-yellow, red-orange and blue-green.

Also, there are 3 shades are available for the colors. Standard, half-bright and full bright. They indicate how light or bright the shades are. With some manufacturers, you can even choose your custom shade.

2. Surface Type: There are three types of surface/ materials you’ll get speed cube in. With stickers, plastic and magnetic speed cubes.

Stickered Cubes come with colored stickers on the surface. Many users encounter problems with too bright or too light color schemes. Thus they can choose stickered cube according to their preference.

There are 3 shades are available for the colors. Standard, half-bright and full bright. They indicate how light or bright the shades are. With some manufacturers, you can even choose your custom shade.

The problem with the stickered cube is, they might peel or wear off after a period of use. Also, you might be tempted to peel them yourself just to make the solving a bit easier (sounds familiar)?

With plastic cubes, the problem is solved. They usually last for a longer period and are more aesthetically pleasing. Since the colors don’t have borders between each piece unlike stickered ones, the color is easier to catch during speedcubing.

The magnetic cubes are the new sensation. They are visually pleasing and feel great in the hands too. They have magnets in the inside parts of the pieces, allowing them to align better during fast turnings. It improves control and stability for the user.

Which one is the most suitable? It comes down to your own choice and expertise. If you’re yet to reach the sub 30 second solving time, even the best Rubik’s cube in the world won’t radically reduce your solving time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How To Lubricate Speed Cube?

Answer: You can do that in two ways. Either you dismantle the whole cube and individually spray lube on each of them, or you can remove one or two pieces from a side and spray the interior.

Remember, you should use silicone based lubes. They are gentle to these cubes. Some of the popular brands on the market are Lubix, Maru, and D-Fantix.

Refrain from using WD-40 lubes. They contain petroleum ingredients which damage the plastic. Some users use petroleum jelly for smoothening between layers, but not as a lubricant.

2. How To Tension A Speed Cube?

Answer: First, the cube must contain an adjustable tension screw. Now, if you want to adjust the tension then open the caps of the centerpieces that you want to adjust.

Once you’ve done it, take the screwdriver and tighten the screw underneath the centerpiece. It’s as easy as that. Once you are satisfied with the adjustment, put the caps back in place.

Now, don’t go overboard with this. It’s not that all cubes need adjusting. First, check if you’re okay with the current movement.

If you’re not, adjust a little and check the effect, then adjust again. Do it little by little. The more you loosen the screw, the more corner cutting you get, but the chance of popping increases simultaneously.

3. Smooth Or Textured Tiles, Which One Is Better?

Answer: By smooth and textured, we actually mean plastic cubes. Both of them are obviously better than stickered cubes. But if you have to choose between one, it’ll depend on your situation.

If you happen to experience sweaty palms a lot, then a textured surface is better. They allow good grip and help you maintain the speed. If you do not have any problem like that, using smooth surfaces is just fine. There’s no evidence that one is quicker than the other.

4. What’s The Easiest Speed Cubing Method?

Answer: If you’re just starting out, you need a method that is easy to grasp and master. The easiest method for a beginner is the LBL (layer by layer) method, although there are some different opinions.

The method includes solving the first layer, then the second layer and finally the last one. This way, you can keep your head in place and solve the cube. But the problem is, it’s a basic method and obviously not meant for speed solving.

However, as you work your way up, you can go for harder methods like Petrus, Heise. These methods work around reducing the number of moves.

As for the speed and solving time, Fridrich, Roux, ZZ are some of the fastest speed cube solving methods.

5. How Can Increase My Speed?

Answer: The secret is practice, practice, and practice (actually, it’s not a secret).

First, get to know the cube and allow it and yourself some break-in time. Keep a stopwatch nearly. The first solving cycles will usually take hours, even days. But as you get to know the principles better, the time will reduce.

Start with the LBL method. Once you learn to use the layer by layer method efficiently and solve the cube under one minute, move to advanced methods.

Work smart, not hard. Read blogs and forum posts, watch YouTube videos, and join a Rubik’s cube club. These steps will help you shorten the learning curve.

Don’t be anxious to learn new methods, tricks, and moves. Keep track of your move and time and try to reduce them down.

Once you’ve gained enough speed, give attention to external factors like lubing, tension adjusting and corner cutting.

And the most important thing is, enjoy your journey while learning it. It’s a competition with yourself, not others…yet.

Final Words

Speedcubing is a truly personal experience. It’s all comes down to you and the way you want to approach the puzzle. Thus, there isn’t any absolute top speed cube. One working great for other users might not suit your preferences.

Some people love aesthetic value, while some are purely into performance. Some like adjustability options in a cube. No matter whichever spectrum you belong to, you should get your priorities sorted first and then choose the one suitable for you.

It’s normal that your priorities will change from time to time. Don’t worry about that. Speed cubes are very cheap and you’ll probably end up buying several ones. You can even spice up the use of existing ones by adjusting the tension and lubing them.

The products we discussed are not stuck to their initial settings. You can adjust most of them and try to make smoother. Hopefully, you can use this guide to your benefit and get the best speed cubes you’ve been looking. Happing speedcubing!

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