Top 12 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews For The Money (2019)

At last, you can enjoy playing basketball with your family/friends at the comfort of your home!

All you need is a best portable basketball hoop.

This type of hoop comes with a roller base so that you can easily take your game to a place of your choice- to the driveway, patio, camping, etc. And you can easily store it if you don’t want it to remain erected on the pavement.

The hoop comes handy if you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t allow installation of permanent basketball hoops on driveways.

Good news is that the market has all sorts of portable basketball hoops at your exposal- from various sizes, styles, sets of features, etc.

But don’t celebrate yet…the process of getting the best hoop that matches your situation isn’t that easy. You might get overwhelmed by the many choices available and end up with a wrong goal.

Lucky for you, this post contains an uncut guide that will show you how to pick the perfect basketball hoop easily.

Plus, we’ve compiled a review list of the 12 top-rated portable hoops that are performance-oriented and cost-friendly.

Without wasting a single second, let me walk you straight to the details…



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Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54" Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System

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Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Why Portable Basketball Hoop?

Although there are different types of basketball hoops you can set up in your backyard or front for enjoyment, portable basketball goals are becoming the most preferred choices by homeowners.

Admittedly, these portable structures are in a class of their own.

If you’re sitting there wondering whether you should invest in a portable basketball hoop, perhaps the following facts about them will change your mind:

  • The #1 reason why families all over the states are going for the portable hoops is based on their unlimited mobility. They come with wheels at their base which makes it easy to move them from place to place.
  • Another feature you’ll love in these hoops is that they’re height adjustable. This is to say that you can easily adjust the height you’re comfortable with- from the standard 10 feet recommended by NBA to as low as you wish. This feature is quite important if you’ve kids interested in basketball as the unit will grow with them.
  • While other goals require a lot of work to install them, portable hoops are easy to set up. Some of the modern units don’t even require you to fill them with sand or water; you just take them to your preferred location and start enjoying your game.
  • If you live in areas with the home owner’s association, you might be restricted from setting up permanent hoops like the in-ground models. In such cases, you’ll only be left with the option of using a portable goal.
  • Another reason why these units have gained popularity is their weatherproof design. This allows them to retain their quality, even when exposed to various weather conditions for long periods of time.
  • Above all this, the hoops are incredibly affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to obtain a model that meets all your needs and expectations.

As you can see, there are countless reasons why you should invest in the portable basketball hoop. These units are clearly designed to change the way you play basketball at your home or in any location you wish.

Now join me in the next section as I walk you through the top-quality portable basketball hoop reviews I promised you at the beginning of the post…

Our 12 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews 2019:

1. Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

Our portable basketball hoop reviews kick off with the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System. Lifetime is one of the top brands in the basketball industry, with the production of top-notch products that everyone loves.

If you’ve got kids who are still running the ropes of the game or you’re looking for a hoop for home recreational use, I’d recommend you to go for this incredibly affordable hoop.

One of the things that makes it ideal for your kids is the 44” polyethylene backboard that will endure the youngsters’ shots. Also, it comes with telescopic height adjustment mechanism, where it allows you to adjust its height from as low as 7.5 feet to as high as 10 feet in up to 6 increments.

This way, you can easily set the right height your kids are comfortable with. It also features an incredibly stable 18” solid black steel rim that gives you unique gaming experience.

Unlike the in-ground models that require you to anchor them in concrete, this goal comes with wheels which makes it easy for you to move (and use it) in your desired location.

It’s extremely easy to setup as you just need to fill its 27-gallon base with water or sand, and it’ll deliver the ultimate stability to keep it upright for the entire game play. Above all this, the unit features a weatherproof design to let you use it in the harshest weather conditions without worrying about any possible damages.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    44” shatterproof backboard
  • check
    Telescopic height adjustment mechanism
  • check
    27-gallon base fills with sand or water
  • check
    All-weather resistant design
  • check
    18” inch black solid steel rim
  • check
    5-year warranty

2. Lifetime 48 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

Our second spot goes to another product from Lifetime- the Lifetime 48 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop. This particular system comes ready to turn your driveway into a real basketball court. It fits the definition of a state-of-the-art hoop that employs the latest technology to grant you a quality game without necessarily leaving your home.

Unlike our first lifetime portable unit above, this one comes with a slightly larger backboard (measuring 48 inches) made from the shatterproof polycarbonate material. The playing surface also comes with a polyethylene frame which takes its durability to an even higher level while giving it a professional look.

The Slam-it rim with double compression springs excellently launches your ball back into the play. And yes, the rim features an all-weather nylon net that withstands the harshest weather elements for long.

Adjusting the height to your desired level in this unit has been made possible by the Speedshift mechanism that takes the hoop from 8 to 10 feet in increments of 6 inches. As for the stability of the hoop, it features a 31-gallon base that you just fill with either water or sand for maximum stability.  Couple this with the three-piece sturdy steel pole and you’ll enjoy a truly stable foundation.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    48" Shatterproof backboard
  • check
    All-weather resistant design
  • check
    Speed shift height adjustment mechanism
  • check
    Solid steel slam-it rim
  • check
    31-gallon base
  • check
    5-year warranty

3. Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set Review:

The Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set is another excellent model for those looking for best portable basketball hoops for their kids. The unit comes with easy to adjust height mechanism. And this allows you to change its rim to a height that your kid can comfortably enjoy the game. It actually provides you with three levels of adjustment: 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet.

Digging deeper into this hoop, you’ll note that it comes with a large backboard to give your kids the perfect gaming experience. It also features a break-away rim plus authentic woven net to provide your kids with years of fun play. As for the base, you just need to fill it with sand or water to weigh it down and achieve the much-needed stability in a hoop.

For the player convenience, the base comes with two built-in holders where you can store your drinks (say a bottle of water) or your ball when not in use. Assembling the unit for use is extremely easy, and you can do without even looking at the manual. The package comes with an inflated 6" basketball as a bonus, making it a complete package that you just can’t resist!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Height adjustable hoop
  • check
    Large backboard w/break-away rim
  • check
    Large, stable base can be filled with water or sand
  • check
    Base comes with built-in cup holders
  • check
    Made in the USA
  • check
    Adult assembly needed

4. Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54" Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System

Spalding is doubtlessly one of the top suppliers of top-quality basketball equipment, including top-of-the-line basketball hoops. The Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54" Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System is one of their most popular hoops on the market today. It comes at an affordable price while allowing you to enjoy playing basketball in your driveway. We think this is one of the best portable basketball hoop for driveway.

Ideal for players of all ages and skill levels, this Spalding system comes with Exacta-Height™ lift height adjustment mechanism. This makes it easy for you to adjust the height from 7.5’ to 10 as per your gaming preferences. The system comes with a 54” acrylics backboard which translates to excellent rebound performance for your ball. Don’t forget it also comes with a covered breakaway rim which makes dunking more fun.

A sturdy base is another important feature that made this system win a spot on our list. You can fill it with water or sand to achieve a total weight of 39 gallons, which will keep it upright for entire game play. The 3.5” steel round pole further enhances the stability of this hoop. With the wheels included in the base, moving this unit to your preferred location won’t be an issue. 

Highlighted features:

  • check
    54” acrylic backboard
  • check
    Pro Slam breakaway rim
  • check
    3.5” steel round pole
  • check
    Exacta-Height™ lift height mechanism
  • check
    39-gallon base
  • check
    5-year manufacturer warranty

5. Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop Review:

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop is perfect for anyone willing to spend more money to get a great portable basketball hoop. It boasts advanced technology plus strategic engineering which makes it extremely easy and FAST to assemble while enhancing its rebound performance, stability, strength, and transportability. Setting it up will take you less time due to its preassembled parts and Quick-Play design.

This system is built for maximum strength, unlike most of its competition. In other words, it features Stabili-Frame steel-on-steel connection between the post and the best. And this ensures increased structure integrity (and thus increased safety and playability). If you examine the unit closely, you’ll quickly note it has a slanted pole design. This helps evenly distribute the unit weight across the base- leading to even more excellent stability.

The polycarbonate 50” W x 33” H backboard that comes with this system is 100% shatterproof for an extended lifespan.  Something else worth noting in this portable hoops is its Ergo Move wheel-barrow design which allows easy maneuverability or transportation to any place you wish. And just like all any typical portable hoop, this model is height adjustable- from 7.5’ to 10’.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Ultra-fast assembly
  • check
    Maximum strength with the Stabili-Frame steel-on-steel connection
  • check
    Ergo Move wheel-barrow design for easy transportation
  • check
    Superior backboard rebound
  • check
    7.5’ to 10’ height adjustability
  • check
    50” W x 33” H backboard size

6. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System

Halfway our list of the best basketball hoop units on the market today, we introduce to you the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System. This mid-priced system is also ideal for all types of players. Unlike the previous models from Spalding, this unit comes with a 54” backboard made from the acrylic material which offers a good rebound performance.

For even better performance, the system comes with a heavy-duty steel frame, Arena Slam breakaway rim. Needless to mention, such a rim is sure to offer you the best dunking experience for years to come.

We also can’t fail to mention the screw jack lift system as it allows you to effortlessly adjust the hoop height to a level you’re more comfortable playing with. Keep in mind that you can adjust the height between 7.5 and 10 feet in infinite increments.

Stability plays a considerable role in a portable basketball hoop. Spalding seems to understand this fact exceptionally well as they include a 3-piece, 3.5-inch round steel pole. This ensures the unit remains upright even when the game gets tougher or in the event of strong winds. Filling the 40-gallon base with sand or water takes the system to a whole new level!

Highlighted features:

  • check
    54-inch acrylic backboard
  • check
    Heavy duty steel frame breakaway rim
  • check
    Screw jack lift system for easy height adjustment
  • check
    3-piece, 3.5-inch round steel pole
  • check
    40-gallon base fills with sand or water

7. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

If you’re looking for the perfect beginner residential portable basketball unit, you can’t go wrong with the Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System. This Lifetime is actually the least priced model on the entire list. Despite this, it also delivers quality performance and is sure to walk with you for longer than you can imagine.

The unit’s background is constructed using high-density polyethylene and is sturdy and durable to endure the harshest elements possible. When it comes to the rim part, it features a robust steel ring that’s supported by braces for to hold up to rough games.

Moreover, the rim features an all-weather nylon net that allows you to use it in all types of weather. Thanks to the telescopic height adjustment mechanism, you can set the rim height to anywhere between 7.5’ and 10’ without using any tools.

Setting this unit for use is extremely easy for you; you don’t need any tool for the job. And once set up, you’ll only need to fill the 27-gallon base with sand or water to stabilize and make it remain upright for the entire game play. The whole system is all-weather resistant, meaning you’ll never have to worry about extreme weather conditions destroying it.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    44" Impact backboard
  • check
    Telescoping height adjustment mechanism
  • check
    Classic rim w/ all-weather nylon net
  • check
    Three pc. Round pole
  • check
    27-gallon base fills with sand or water
  • check
    Made in the USA
  • check
    5-year manufacturer warranty

8. Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System is a mid-priced hoop that was designed with competitive plays in mind. This is evident from its Ultimate Hybrid Base that’s capable of holding up to 200 lbs. of gravel or sand plus 19 gallons of water. Combination of water and sand gives it the best level of sturdiness you can expect in a portable hoop during serious game play. The removable lid makes the base storage section easy to access.

Another feature that makes this Spading unit ideal for all serious players is the acrylic backboard. It measures 5 inches wide and its ability to produce fast rebounds- for forward players and bank shots- is exceptional. You also can’t get enough of the Spalding Breakaway Rim as it allows you to throw monstrous dunks that make you feel like a pro!

As in all the other systems from Spalding, this model also allows you to adjust its height to your preferred level. It comes with a U-Turn Lift System that adjusts the rim height from 7.5” all the way to 10” with infinite increments.

The 3-piece, 3.5” steel pole enhances the sturdiness of this unit. And the 16” backboard board offset allows for extended play underneath the system. Above all, the hoop comes with a blow-molded graphic backboard pad that protects the player from potential injuries.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    54" x 32" acrylic board
  • check
    Height adjustable system
  • check
    Ultimate hybrid base for maximum stability
  • check
    Breakaway rim with board pad
  • check
    Front cover acts as a rebounder

9. Lifetime 71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Hey, it’s time to take your game to any place you wish with this Lifetime 71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System…whether want to enjoy a mind-blowing bball game in the backyard,for driveway, cul-de-sac, etc., this portable system allows you to do just that. It comes with a roller base for easy and instantly relocation to any place.

The features that come with this system qualify it for use during competitive plays. For instance, it comes with a 54 inches backboard made from Makrolon polycarbonate. This not only gives it a professional look but also makes it virtually unbreakable- even when the game gets aggressive. The extra-large, heavy-duty 35-gallon base guarantees you unmatched stability when filled with water or stand.

Thanks to the innovative Power Lift height adjustment mechanism, you only need to squeeze the handle to adjust the system to your preferred height between 7.5 and 10 feet). The slam-it rim’s double compression springs deliver exceptional spring back. The all-weather net and pole design ensure no weather conditions can damage this unit- meaning it’ll serve you for many, many years to come.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    54- by 33- by 1-inch shatterproof backboard
  • check
    Power Lift height adjustment mechanism
  • check
    Slam-It Pro Rim
  • check
    All-weather net and pole
  • check
    5-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • check
    35-Gallon Heavy Duty portable base

10. Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Don’t ask why Lifetime has won so many slots on our list. As I told you earlier, it’s one of the few brands that know the secret to manufacturing top-of-the-line portable basketball hoops. Our 10th position goes to the Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System. This is another highly portable model that comes with a roller base for transportation to any location.

This particular system comes with a 27-gallon base that you fill with water or sand to achieve the necessary stability to keep the system upright when enjoying the game. It features a 44” shatterproof backboard made from acrylic that has excellent rebound performance. Besides, it features a molded, high-density polyethylene frame for professional look. The unit’s telescopic pole allows you to adjust the rim height for up to 6 variable settings.

Similar to most of the models we’ve covered on this list, this unit also comes with all-weather nylon net which means it’s immune to various weather conditions. The pole also has a rust-resistant finish which makes it immune to all weather conditions as well. The entire system boasts a durable design that will walk with you for years to come.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    44” shatterproof fusion backboard
  • check
    All-weather resistant design
  • check
    2-piece, 3” telescopic pole
  • check
    27 gallon base for stability and portability
  • check
    All-weather net
  • check
    5-year limited manufacturer warranty

11. Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Our second last spot goes to the Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System. This particular system comes with a larger 50” shatterproof fusion backboard made from the Makrolon polycarbonate material. For your information, this material is stronger than acrylic and will hold up to competitive games with regular use.

Players of all ages can enjoy playing the game at their preferred height level with this unit. This is based on the fact that it comes with a speed shift height adjustment mechanism- where you can adjust the height of the black solid steel, 3-piece, 3-inch round steel pole from 8 to 10’ in increments of 6”.  Because the slam-it rim comes with double compression strings, it delivers a spring back action that makes your game even more interesting.

If you plan to hold competitive plays in your residential areas, this system will also be a great option. It features welded-steel net hooks that give it the strength and durability it needs to endure any punishment you throw it every day. It features all-weather nylon that can withstand the harshest weathers elements. And the 27-gallon base fills easily with sand or water to deliver a stable foundation.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    50" x 30" x 2" Shatterproof backboard
  • check
    Speed shift height adjustment mechanism
  • check
    27-gallon portable base
  • check
    Slam-It Rim
  • check
    Weather-resistant design
  • check
    5-year limited manufacturer warranty

12. Spalding NBA Hercules Vertical Pole Portable Basketball System

Marking an end to our portable basketball hoop reviews is the Spalding NBA Hercules Vertical Pole Portable Basketball System. By just looking at this unit, you’ll agree with me that it comes ready to turn your pavement or driveway into an area- where you’ll stage heroic gameplay. In other words, this is the best deal for those who want to play serious game in the comfort of their home.

The top reason why you should consider this unit for serious game is its backboard design. It features a 52" x 32" x 3.5mm acrylic backboard that offers you extremely fast rebounds. It comes with pro-slam rim that features breakaway action with sturdy steel rams where you can easily attach your net. Thanks to the Pro-glide lift system, you can conveniently adjust the height of this hoop from 7.5’ to 10’ for even better gaming experience.

Since the system comes with a 39-gallon base, it delivers massive stability when filled with sand or water. Other notable features you’ll love in the unit include a 3 piece, 3.5” pole for enhanced stability, a 16” backboard offset that allows for extended play underneath the hoop, NBA graphic backboard pad for protection against injuries, and an eye-appealing black colored base.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    52" x 32" x 3.5 mm acrylic backboard
  • check
    Pro-Glide lift system for easy height adjustment
  • check
    39 gallon base for the ultimate stability
  • check
    3.5" thick vertical steel pole
  • check
    Classic black base

Best Portable Basketball Hoops: Buying Guide

Now that you already know the best-quality portable hoops on the market today, you’re halfway there!

What if you decide to go shopping on your own? How should you pick the right portable basketball hoop that blends with your game needs? Or what should you look for when buying the portable hoop?

In this section, I’ll share with you the key factors that will help you effortlessly pick the perfect hoops for your home today.

These factors include:

1 (a). Backboard Materials

The backboard is the frost thing you should always check in any portable basketball hoop you plan to buy.

But what exactly should you look for in a backboard?

You should first check the material it’s made with. There are four main materials used in the backboard construction- namely molded plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass.

Let’s discuss each of them separately:

  • Molded plastic: If you’re looking for a hoop for recreational play only or your kids who are still learning the game, then you should go for molded plastic board. For your info, this is cheapest backboard material you can find on the market. It comes with a not so good rebound performance.
  • Polycarbonate: also ideal for kids/adults who are still learning the game, this material has excellent durability and doesn’t easily break when tipped over or during rough games. However, it has limited rebound on your ball. Polycarbonate boards usually come with a wallet-friendly price.
  • Acrylic: the acrylics backboard are great for anyone who wants to take the hoops game seriously but reside in areas with severe weathers- e.g., high winds. The boards are less durable compared to the polycarbonate models, but they have a much better performance. They’re mid-priced, making them ideal for all serious players on a limited budget.
  • Tempered glass: then we have the tempered glass backboard, usually found in high-end models. Tempered glass is the REAL deal when it comes to the ultimate rebound performance- they perform better than the other materials above.

However, their biggest weakness is ease of shattering. If you’re going to invest in a hoop featuring tempered glass backboard, it’s essential that you carefully assess its likelihood of getting mistreated or tipped over.

Which of these materials best suits your needs?

(b). Backboard size

While still on it, you should also check the size that comes with your backboard. This is important because different hoops come in different sizes. The smallest backboard I came across on the market was around 44 inches, and the biggest was about 60 inches.

Most of the buyers looking for a portable basketball hoop for home use tend to settle on the 50-60” backboards.

2. Rim Type

Rim is also an essential part of a basketball hoop. And that means you should pay attention to the type of rim that comes with the portable hoop you plant to buy.

That said, there are three main types of rims you’ll find on these portable units today. These include the:

  • Standard rim: the standard rim has been in existence for the longest time. It’s ideal for people on a limited budget or those who don’t plan to dunk. This is because it lacks a compression ring which makes it susceptible to warping or breaking if you dunk on it for prolonged periods.
  • Compression breakaway rim: this refers to a breakaway rim that comes with compression springs which are not covered. They can easily hold up to mild to moderate dunking without getting easily damaged.

They tend to produce higher bounce effect, which is not too good for your game. And the fact that they come with exposed springs means they’re likely to rust with time, affecting the rim’s overall performance.

  • Pro-style compression breakaway rim: this is a professional grade compression breakaway rim whose springs comes protected inside a box connecting to the backboard. These rims can easily take up more punishment for longer periods than the two models above.

Since they've got a much less bounce effect than our previous rim above, they’ll give you a better basketball game experience.

3. Support Pole System

I believe that you’d also want your hoop to be incredibly stable, right? In that case, you should also pay attention to the type of support pole system it comes with as it determines its stability level.

The two type of pole design you’ll find on most portable hoops include:

  • Two-piece support pole: common in the top-end portable hoops, this pole design delivers a great deal of stability compared to the 3-piece model below…
  • Three-piece support pole: this pole design is found in the lower and mid-priced models. It offers above-average stability for your portable basketball hoop.

4. Height Adjustment Mechanism

As I told you earlier on, the portable basketball hoops are height adjustable.

But for you to enjoy this feature, you should be careful what type of height adjustment mechanism the hoop you choose comes with as it translates to the convenience of adjusting the height.

The most common adjustment mechanisms you’ll find in these models include telescoping pole, crank handle, broomstick, pneumatic, and trigger handle.

For the ultimate convenience in the adjustable basketball hoops, I’d recommend you to go for the trigger handle model as it grants you single-handed operation to allow you to move your up/down in a quick motion.

5. Hoop Base

While most people tend to ignore the base section, it’s also an essential part of the unit as it enables it to remain upright during gameplay.

To get the best deal in a portable basketball hoop base, look at its overall weight when filled with sand/water. A low-cost unit will have its base weigh around 27 gallons- this will keep the unit upright for most of the time, but dunking and windy weather are likely to tip it off.

 A mid-priced hoop will have its base ranging between 35 and 40 gallons. This will deliver higher stability during the game and is less likely to fall.

As for the units with a base weighing 50 gallons or more, you can rest assured that they’ll give you the best stability regardless of how rough the game is or how strong the winds blow.

It’s also a good idea to look for a wheeled base as this makes it easier to transport.

6. Brand Quality

Sometimes buying your products from reputable brands allows you to enjoy the real value for your money. Remember these are manufacturers who have been in the industry for long and have been consistently producing top-quality products that are loved by users all over.

In the case of portable basketball hoops, I’d recommend you to buy from popular brands like Spalding and Lifetime. Their products do not disappoint!

7. Budget

Lastly, you should decide on the amount of cash you wish to spend on the portable hoop. The truth about these systems is that they come in a wide range of prices depending on factors like the quality of materials, brand, etc.

Like in all the other products, the rule of “what you pay is what you get” pretty much applies here.

But again, this shouldn’t discourage you from thinking that you can’t get a good deal with limited budget. In fact, all the 12 top-rated portable basketball hoops we’ve reviewed above come with wallet-friendly prices without comprising their quality and performance.

My point is: if you come up with a reasonable budget, you’ll definitely get a reliable hoop that suits your needs and preferences.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Ease of installation
  • Durability
  • warranty

Looking Hoop For Driveway? What To Consider?

If you plan to enjoy playing this game with your family or friends along the driveway, then there are things you might want to consider to ensure you get the best possible hoop that matches your expectations.

First, you should consider investing in an extremely durable unit- made of sturdy materials like polycarbonate. This material makes your hoop shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your kids breaking the hoop.

As for the board size, you should consider anything around 50” to work exceptionally well for your driveway games.

Next, you should also ensure that the hoop base comes with a stable base. You can opt to fill your base with sand or water. If possible, I’d recommend you to go for sand as it’s denser and heavier, so it’ll give the hoop more stability. If you go for a hoop with 27 gallons base, it’ll surely deliver good stability on your driveway, while reducing chances of falling and causing injuries.

It’s also important to look for an easy to setup hoop for driveway  games. If you live in an area where setting up permanent structures along the driveway isn’t allowed, then you’d eliminate the in-ground hoops as our option. This means you’ll be left with the portable hoops only; these don’t require you to dig unnecessary hole and fill them with cement.

What if you plan to play the hoops game in other places other than your home area? In such cases, you should look for the good quality portable basketball hoop-with a portable base- that you can easily take to any place you wish.

How Much Budget Should You Have?

In our buying guide section, I told you that portable basketball hoops come in a wide range of prices. This is to mean that there are high-end as well as low-end models on the market that fit every budget.

BUT…how much money should you set aside for a perfect hoop for your needs?

TO start with, it’s important to note that the price of a portable hoop ranges from $200 to $1000.

If you’re on a limited budget, then you should go the least expensive models. These cost between $200 and $450. They come with all the basic features you should expect in a portable hoop. Nearly all of them feature the polyethylene or the shatterproof polycarbonate board; they come with a base of around 27-30 gallons, and a standard or compression breakaway rim.

If you’ve some money to spend (and want to play serious game), then you should look for the mid-priced models as they tend to come with better features and performance. The price for these models ranges between $500 and $700.

What if you want the ‘bestest’ deal the market can offer? That means you’re looking for a high-end model that comes with the best possible features in a hoop- like top-performance tempered glass backboard, extremely stable base (of up to 50 gallons), and other mind-blowing features to give you the best game experience. For such a model, you should be ready to deeper in your pockets as it costs $750 and above.

Overall, setting a reasonable budget range and finding hoops that fall in that range should help you get the most suitable hoop for your home.

Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Brands On The Market

Among all the brands screaming for the “best” tag on them, below are the five most reliable ones you may find. See for yourself!


The name “lifetime” is sure to pop up if you are to talk about some of the premium quality portable hoops.

This brand has paved its way in the market as a basketball hoop retailer in the USA. However, since the birth of this company in the ’80s, it has expanded its production into other products as well. For instance, garden products, kids’ playsets, and even kayaks are produced by them. 

Celebrated as one of the best of its kinds, Lifetime owns some of the finest portable basketball hoop models. The Lifetime 1221 pro court being the go-to equipment for beginners aged 13 and below. Moreover, Lifetime 5144 Front Court being a step up in good looks is a great hoop in the medium range. 


It is a renowned American sporting company, founded in 1876. Known to be the primary manufacturers of basketball in 1894, this company has been the official ball supplier for National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1983.

This means you can only expect top-rated goods from the brand. Some of the best sellers include the Spalding Pro Slam, Spalding the ‘Beast’ being in the favorites list of many basketball fanatics.


If you are looking for moderately priced quality hoops, then the Silverback NXT is what you should go for! The products from this line are known to be of great strength and durability.

However, despite the low price tags, they refuse to compromise with the quality and always ensure that customers are getting proper value for their money.

4.First Team

This stunning brand stands second to none in terms of basketball hoops. Its pricing is relatively cheaper when compared to other brands like Lifetime or Silverback. 

The first Team Invader is a great portable system if space and budget is an issue. You should be pleased to know that the manufacturer of this model is a world leading supplier of basketball equipment to the school, college and residential market.

5.Step2 Shootin’hoops

This brand is known to be ideal for kids aged between 2 to 8! Perfect for your little athlete to have some fun alongside developing motor skills.

The best thing about their products is that they come at an affordable price without dropping the quality.

Take Care and Maintenance Tips Of Your Portable Basketball Hoops

After you have splurged on your favorite portable basketball hoop, remember that it will need some maintenance from time to time.

In order to enjoy the equipment’s top-notch performance and the durability that it promises, make sure to follow the ensuing guidelines listed below:

Cleaning Up

Now, this goes without saying! Cleaning should be done often to protect the hoop from rust and all the dust and germs it accumulates due to all the actions.

Some of the parts that you should focus on cleaning include the backboard, the rim and the pole. You might be relieved to know that no special cleanser will be required for this job. Your regular glass cleaner and detergent should suffice!

Net Replacement

The net of the basketball hoop, unfortunately, needs frequent replacement since this is one of the most short-lived parts of the item.

Keep the Basketball Pole from Rust

Rust is one of the most frequently faced issues for non-portable outdoor basketball hoops. Luckily that’s not the case for portable ones. I recommend you keep the hoops indoors from moisture during the cold and wet seasons. Yes, it’s that simple!

Maintaining the Stability of The Hoop

To keep your basketball hoop from being knocked over, add base gel to create a firm and stable filler to maintain stability. It also prevents the base from cracking and leakage in the cold seasons.


Since it is portable, the equipment will probably be moved several times after every basketball session. That’s why make sure to check the wheels are tightly locked in place.

Follow the Manual 

Basic but necessary! Make sure to read the guidelines for any special instructions such as lubricating movable parts, drying essential parts after being exposed to water or moisture, or hardware tightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Between water and sand, which filler should I use for my hoop base?

First, we need to acknowledge that a base enhances the stability of your hoop. That said, I’d recommend you to use sand as it’s heavier and denser than water.

If you opt for water and live in areas with cold weather, you’d want to add an anti-freeze solution in the base as well to prevent the water from freezing and expanding- which can destroy the base.

2. How much does a portable basketball hoop cost?

The cost of these hoops varies from model to model depending on a number of factors such as the quality of materials used. The price usually ranges between $200 and $1000. The higher the cost, the better the features and the more pleasing the performance.

3. Does a portable basketball hoop require any maintenance?

Yes, a portable hoop requires some care and maintenance to ensure it stands the test of time.

Luckily, the maintenance process isn’t time-consuming as you just need to replace the rims when they get damaged (this usually happens after an extended period of use).

You’ll also need to clean the rim, backboard, and pole areas using cleaning solutions to help keep your hoop in good looking condition.

For more information on how to take care of your hoop, be sure to consult the user manual.

Final Verdict

If you dream of enjoying the fun and exercise that comes with basketball without necessarily leaving your home compound, then you should invest in the best portable basketball hoop today.

This type of hoop comes with incredible mobility and allows you to take it from one place to another easily. To ensure you get the best deal for your money, however, I strongly recommend you to follow the complete buying guide I’ve rolled out for you in the above post.

And if you don’t have time to go through this guide, you can directly head to my list of the 12 top-rated portable basketball reviews and order the unit that appeals best to your needs and preferences.

Remember that this list ONLY comprises of carefully selected affordable models, so you can rest assured you’ll get the real bang for your buck.

Donald S. Cochran

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